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The Never Ending Story

15th July, 2004. 2:39 am. Story 2 - Faith (working title)(chasaz)

Josh's room was dark, still and silent, save for the Spirit Drums cd he had started on the stereo, with a barely audible volume.

The day prior he had rearranged the furniture to allow for a fairly large bare center area, and tonight he would utilize the space in the manner he had intended. He drew forth a dagger from a small chest, and walked to the east most part of the cleared area, raising the dagger above his head and pointing it toward the heavens he began his journey...

He slowly lowered the dagger and pointed it to the ground... "I carve out a space in this room, in this world that it" he slowly walked in a clockwise direction, "might be sacred and protected. Let nothing harmful enter, let nothing harmful leave, that all that is done in this sacred space be contained and in harmony for the good of all." He had gone once around the circle. Replacing the dagger he picked up a clay bowl half full of sand, a bright red coal burning in its center, adding his homemade incense he traveled the circle again, "I cleanse this space that it might be sacred and pleasing to all that might enter, with air and fire I cleanse it." he repeated until the circle was complete. He than added a couple of pinches of sea salt to a dish of water which was on the altar table, stirring with the dagger to combine the two elements, again he walked the circle sprinkling the mixture along the way. "I consecrate and cleanse this space with the elements of earth and water, that it might be sacred and cleansed, pleasing to all those that might enter." he again repeated until the circle was complete. Standing to the east Josh stated, "The circle is complete, I have created a space which is a sacred threshold between the worlds, as I will it, so shall it be." he stood in silence.

Josh slowly removed his robe, walked to the center of his circle, he could not help but think how thankful he was that he was alone. He sat and meditated to the music, attempting to rid himself of the days events, all worries, and any other fleeting thought which went through his head. He meditated and prepared to call the watchtowers and the Lord and Lady.

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15th July, 2004. 1:52 am. Story 1 - Nicholas(chasaz)

As Nicholas stepped out into the night the breeze hit him like a furnace, "Damn, desert! even the breezes are hot." His voice trailed off into the nothingness of the dark night. He was a lone figure standing against the scenic night sky.

He walked toward the city lights, the heat of the air giving them a mysterious shimmer, he knew there were but a few hours until the dawn and if he were to complete this evenings task he would have to be quick. With nearly a thought he arose into the night sky, soundless and effort less. He thought the trade of flight for sunlight was a good one.. a choice he has never regretted.

The lights of the 101 were approaching quickly, he decided a little altitude would be wise, as not make his presence known. Still rather new to his new life, he did not want to get a stake in the chest to quickly, he glided to his old high school where he knew, his landing would not be noticed. Coronado had not changed much over the years, but there seemed to be activity across the street, "the Boys Club, just what I need".

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15th July, 2004. 1:49 am. T_N_E_S Changes...(chasaz)

After some consideration I am changing the format of this.. The premise is still the same but

Story will now be the main post and replies... this will be easier as the other way you would have had to read the story backwards.. (newest to oldest post)

Any Author can start a story.. but be aware that anyone will be able to add to it..

Only community members can reply (add to a story) or Post (start a new story.

I think this make more sense.

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