Chas McAvoy (chasaz) wrote in t_n_e_s,
Chas McAvoy

Story 1 - Nicholas

As Nicholas stepped out into the night the breeze hit him like a furnace, "Damn, desert! even the breezes are hot." His voice trailed off into the nothingness of the dark night. He was a lone figure standing against the scenic night sky.

He walked toward the city lights, the heat of the air giving them a mysterious shimmer, he knew there were but a few hours until the dawn and if he were to complete this evenings task he would have to be quick. With nearly a thought he arose into the night sky, soundless and effort less. He thought the trade of flight for sunlight was a good one.. a choice he has never regretted.

The lights of the 101 were approaching quickly, he decided a little altitude would be wise, as not make his presence known. Still rather new to his new life, he did not want to get a stake in the chest to quickly, he glided to his old high school where he knew, his landing would not be noticed. Coronado had not changed much over the years, but there seemed to be activity across the street, "the Boys Club, just what I need".
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